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Why is the city of Paris called the City of Light?

The city of Paris has a nickname.  Do you know what a nickname is?  A nickname is another name, usually a shorter name, which is lovingly given to someone in place of his or her real name.  Paris is called “The City of Light because for hundreds of years it was, and still is, an important center for education and learning.

But, what does light have to do with education and learning?  Well, have you ever heard of the word, enlighten?  Do you know the meaning of enlighten?  It’s what happens when we receive information and knowledge.  We become enlightened!  Since there is so much to learn in the city of Paris, “The City of Light” is an appropriate nickname, don’t you think!  Do you have or know someone who has a nickname?

Learn a thing or two about other cities, too!

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What’s the Statue of Liberty doing
in front of the Eiffel Tower in the middle of the River Seine?

Find out when you visit paris_france!

* gamecards are the newest in children’s travel postcards:

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It’s virtually more than you can say on the back of the card!

About If you were here,

Heckery Dekkery Dot Travel Game Postcards for Children can be sent as you would send any travel postcard, but there is more when you play the game . . . . Heckery Dekkery Dot Travel Game Postcards for Children is a unique travel game which enables all players to learn more about the world around them, but it is first and foremost a children's learning game in which children not only become acquainted with other parts of the world, but also gain respect for other cultures in a fun and easygoing, carefree manner. It is Heckery Dekkery Dot's goal to help children learn about the city featured on the travel game postcard and the people who live there by providing them with an educational as well as a fun website. All photos on this blog were taken by me on my travels unless otherwise indicated.
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