A Peace for Endangered Species from Heckery Dekkery Dot Travel Game Postcards for Children



Heckery Dekkery Dog, affectionately known as Rufus, is curious. Do you get along well with animals? Rufus knows how important it is to get along with people. After all, Rufus depends on the people around him for his care and for his education. Rufus knows that they love him, and he loves them back in his own special way. He wags his tail when someone he knows comes near for instance. And, just like you, Rufus has feelings, too! Rufus has heard that some people don’t care very much about the feelings of animals, though, and that makes him sad. Rufus feels that we should ALL care for each other because we need each other! Do you feel that way, too?

Rufus with some inanimate yard friends                                 OMA

Rufus has been thinking about the situation for awhile, and after a few scratches behind the ear, he is determined to do what he can. “It should be easy for people and animals to live side by side”, says Rufus! But, for a number of not-so-good reasons, animals are being harmed every day. And, now, many of them are on an endangered species list and may soon become extinct. That means that they could disappear forever unless something is done to save them. Naturally, this has Rufus upset! He is happy to know, however, that some caring people are working to change this urgent situation before it is too late. After all, Rufus might not be here today had it not been for caring people. Rufus is a Havanese, and his breed was almost extinct not so long ago. Rufus would like you to know some special qualities about some of the animals on the endangered species list. Rufus thinks that the more people know, the better!

Let’s begin with The Hippopotamus, shall we? 

Rufus didn’t know that a hippopotamus could dance under water?


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Heckery Dekkery Dot Travel Game Postcards for Children can be sent as you would send any travel postcard, but there is more when you play the game . . . . Heckery Dekkery Dot Travel Game Postcards for Children is a unique travel game which enables all players to learn more about the world around them, but it is first and foremost a children's learning game in which children not only become acquainted with other parts of the world, but also gain respect for other cultures in a fun and easygoing, carefree manner. It is Heckery Dekkery Dot's goal to help children learn about the city featured on the travel game postcard and the people who live there by providing them with an educational as well as a fun website. All photos on this blog were taken by me on my travels unless otherwise indicated.
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