PEACE, HIPPO! and Other Endangered Animals Too!

Here is a preview of my new children’s book on endangered animals. It is the beginning––the introduction of my little white dog name Rufus, whose breed, the Havanese, was almost extinct at the time of the Cuban revolution. Rufus feels compassion toward the animals facing the same fate today. That is why he is on a mission to learn more about some of them, and to draw attention to their ordeals.


Rufus is a carefree and easygoing little dog who enjoys life. Rufus is a Havanese. The Havanese are naturally charming, good-tempered, intelligent and playful.

Rufus loves the humans in his life. He trusts them for his care and well-being. After all, they see that he has enough food, water and occasional snacks. They make sure that he is clean, properly groomed and well educated.

Rufus gets a helping hand

Snacks for Rufus

and a snack.


Is grooming necessary?

Rufus being Groomed


They exercise him by taking him on walks and playdates. They take him to the veterinarian to make sure he stays healthy, and they insist that he wear his seatbelt on the way, even if it is only a short drive!

Rufus loves all kinds of travel––
in a car or on a plane or on a train!

WP Rufus wears his seatbelt 08 JAN 2015

He always buckles his seatbelt for safety!
Do you?


“Good personality!
Charm! Intelligence and wit!”



WP Rufus gold frame 01 DEC 2014

“What else could you want in a dog?” Rufus asks


There must be a way!

Rufus and Signpost rasterized merged 10 JAN 2015 copy

          Rufus knows he is a lucky dog, especially since learning that not all animals live as well as he does. He overheard people talking about an endangered species list on TV. They said that animals on the endangered species list are in danger of disappearing forever. Some animals already have! It bothers him.

          “Why is there a need for an endangered species list?” Rufus wants to know. “It’s just awful! There is no good reason for animals to disappear forever. They need peace, and they need it right away!”

Now, Rufus is on a mission!

The book is available at CreateSpace and Amazon.
(Also on Amazon Kindle)


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