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What in the World?

This photo is Wikimedia Commons’ picture of the day (Nov 5, 2011)!

Thecacera sp. (Polyceridae nudibranch)
Photo by Nhobgood Nick Hobgood

  • Thecacera is a type of sea slug which is a member of the Polycerida family.
  • Nudibranch is made up of two words.  Can you guess what they are?
    Very good!  Nudi from the Latin nudus and branch from the Greek brankhia.
  • Now, do you know what they mean?
    Super!  Nudi means naked and brankhia means gills.


If you were to dress a nudibranch, how would you do it?  Could you design an outfit for the nudibranch?  Remember that gills are used for breathing!

Virtually more than you can say on the back of the card! Start the travel game today!  Share something new with family and friends!  It’s the fun way to learn about new places and new things, too!

Everyone wins when children learn more about the world around them so share something about the world today!

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